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E-commerce Web Design

Build an E‑commerce website that looks awesome, works well, and delivers amazing User Interface & User Experience for the end users.

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What is Website Design?

In a nutshell, website design means building a website for people or businesses. It involves designing graphics, developing content, and writing codes using client-side and server-side languages.

People who design and develop a website are known as website designers or website developers. Website designers focus on the graphics and overall look of the website, while website developers make the design come to life.

Weka Online is more focused on web marketing. This means we build E‑commerce websites specifically designed to generate new business on a regular basis. Every website we build will not only look awesome, but work well and deliver great experience for the end users. That’s our goal – we aim for nothing less.

Why Do You Need A Modern Responsive Website

In this modern digital age, people use the web to find your business, usually via Google or other search engines. They no longer pick up their Yellow Pages books to find the businesses, products, or services they’re after.

A website is no longer a competitive advantage for a company, it is a necessity. If you don’t have a website, you will lose all these potential customers.

In 2019, a website should serve as more than just a marketing tool; it is a way for you to keep your customers informed on a regular basis regarding your products or services.

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Some Benefits of A Well‑Built Website:

  • Increased brand awareness
  • More opportunities to sell online
  • Continuous customer growth
  • Repeat business
  • Superior ROI (Return on Investment)
  • Streamlined sales & admin systems

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How Will An E‑commerce Website Help My Business Grow?

A website designed to sell can be the difference between one enquiry and a hundred enquiries. A business website has one primary goal: turning traffic into enquiries.

If your website is not generating new business on a regular basis, you need a new website. Your website is the foundation for your web marketing: just like building a house, you need to make sure the foundation is solid.

Google is continually updating their search engine, which has resulted in outdated websites dropping in rank. To combat this, it is always a good idea to keep up-to-date with Google’s changes and update your website accordingly. Weka Online understands that the average business owner does not have the time, so we will take care of your website for you.

What Are The Steps Involved?

A Weka Online consultant will plan out the new website with you and finalise the look of the new website.
Weka Online will create a backend of your new website based on the requirements discussed.
Weka Online will design the visual look of your new website and add this to a new website platform.
Weka Online will help you construct well-written, SEO-able content for your new website.
Weka Online will test the new website in all major browsers and computer operating systems such as Windows, macOS, Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Safari, etc.
Weka Online will launch the new website and tell Google to redirect the old website to your new website.
A Weka Online will give you one-on-one training to make sure you know how to edit your new website (3 initial training sessions).
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#ProTips from Weka Online:

A modern, slick, fast website is essential for your business. It needs to look great and work great.

  1. All images or videos on your website must be clear and in high resolution
  2. Your website’s navigation must be easy and intuitive
  3. Keep adding fresh content to your website
  4. Have active social media profiles to accompany your modernised website
  5. SEO & Google Ads are great marketing tools to get your website seen by your audience

A Word from Weka

Weka is a New Zealand digital marketing agency with a focus on helping our customers grow their business.

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