Updating a product in WooCommerce

Below are the steps for adding or updating a product in WooCommerce:

  1. First login to the backend of your website
  2. On the WordPress sidebar click on the menu option “Products”
  3. You can then click Add New to add a new product, or you can scroll to the product you want to edit and click on the product title
  4. The next window will allow you to set / update the product title, product description and the product data (E.g Stock Quantity)
  5. By default a product will start as a simple product (no options for colour / size etc), changing it to a variable product allows you to create variation (E.g Size and Colour combinations). Below are the additional steps:
    1. Under the Product Data tab go to the attributes menu, there you will need to set up the attributes and their options for the product (E.g Size -> S,M,L,XL). After the Attributes have been set up make sure you click on “Save Changes”
    2. Next go to the Variations window, this is where you add all of the variations for this product. The data required is similar to a simple product (SKU, Description, Stock Quantity). Once all of the variations have been set up make sure you click on “Save Changes”.
  6. Once all data has been set / updated for the product. You can then click update on the top right.
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