ATP Science

Our Contribution

  • MYOB E‑commerce Integration
  • Acumatica E‑commerce Integration

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The Story

ATP Science is an innovative company that produces formulated complementary sports foods for Australia and to different markets around the world, including the US.

To fulfil its inventory management and stock control, ATP Science resorted to MYOB Advanced as their ERP system. At that point, they realised they needed an integrated system that could handle their online-based orders more efficiently.

Referred by Momentum Software Solutions, Weka Online assisted ATP science in integrating their online WooCommerce system to not only MYOB Advanced, but also Acumatica.

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Easier Online Order Taking.

Having WooCommerce integrated to MYOB Advanced means ATP Science can take orders 24/7 and all orders will be automatically synced. In addition, Weka Online also integrated their online shop with Acumatica, allowing ATP Science to do their US operations more productively.

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More Exciting Work in the Future.

As the integration system works well, ATP Science is planning to set up US operations in Dallas, Texas. Weka Online will be ready to assist ATP Science to make sure any integration project, that now works well for them, works for the US site too.

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"Weka Online helped ATP Science integrate their E‑commerce website to not 1 but 2 ERP systems: MYOB Advanced & Acumatica."

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