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  • MYOB E‑commerce Integration

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The Story

Based across Australia, New Zealand and the UK, Powertec is a connectivity expert, driven to deliver connectivity solutions for individuals, businesses and government to help people stay connected.

About 3 years ago, Powertec experienced phenomenal growth, and it became clear that they needed a system that allowed them to grow. After doing a lot of research, Powertec finally came to the right decision to choose Weka Online as their partner for their E‑commerce integration project.

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Streamlined Business. More Productivity.

MYOB Advanced has helped Powertec streamline their business transactions, so it’s only natural to integrate their E‑commerce website to MYOB Advanced. Weka Online has taken them to the next level of productivity by making their website talk to each other with MYOB Advanced.

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Australia is Done. New Zealand is Next.

They’ve done the big project with the Australian website, so integrating New Zealand’s website will only support their growth even further. With Weka Online at the helm, they can achieve the same benefits in New Zealand as they’re achieving in Australia currently.

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"The MYOB E‑commerce integration has taken Powertec to the next level of productivity."

A Word from Weka

Weka is a New Zealand digital marketing agency with a focus on helping our customers grow their business.

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