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Internet marketing places your business directly in front of your target audience who are actively looking for your products or services.

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What is Search Engine Marketing?

Marketing your business in the search engines is a highly effective way of placing your business in front of people actively looking for your services or products. Our SEM proprietary techniques focus on helping you organically rank highly on Google for a selected group of phrases.

In general, the earlier or higher your website is on the search engine results, the more visitors you will receive, which means the more sales or ‘hot leads’ you will get from the internet.

However, there are also competitors who will consistently look to outrank and maintain their position, which is why a more strategic game plan may be required.

Why Do You Need Organic Traffic?

Google has over 95% of the search engine market in New Zealand; it is where Kiwis go to find your products and services. Ranking organically means you are attracting new visitors without having to pay for the click.

Being well-placed organically for phrases that are relevant to your products or services can be worth their weight in gold and not cost the earth. If you are invisible on Google, your website is just like a shop in the desert. Nobody will buy anything from your shop; not because you have a terrible shop, but simply because people cannot find your shop!

To put it short – if you’re considering to NOT conduct SEO you are deciding to avoid 95% of the online market. Not the best decision, really!

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Some Benefits of Marketing in Google:

  • Builds brand credibility
  • Establish brand awareness
  • Increased leads and sales
  • Creates a foundation for all your online marketing activities
  • Optimises the speed, responsiveness, UI and UX of your website

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How Will Marketing in The Search Engines Help My Business Grow?

Organic search is very important when it comes to gaining traffic from Google and other search engines. If you rank highly for terms relevant to your business, it will increase the amount of quality traffic visiting your website.

Once your website ranking increases, you will start noticing that SEO does indeed increase engagement, traffic, enquiries, conversion rates and sales – this is why you have a website in the first place, is it not?

An increase in quality traffic to your website will result in an increase in enquiries from your website. The last step of turning enquiries into customers is up to you.

What Are The Steps Involved?

You know your business more than anyone else does. We will also need to know about your business and will, therefore, need a set of 'seed keyword' phrases or a list of your competitors from you to start the research process.
From the initial seed keyword and by reverse engineering what your competitors are ranking for, we can conduct detailed Keyword Research. We create a defined list of phrases that can then be integrated into your website and used for benchmarking.
For any SEO campaign, we need to know where rankings are now. Where does your website rank from the beginning of the campaign start for a defined set of phrases?
Is the defined set of phrases integrated correctly on your website? Have they been previously, or over optimised at all, or not optimised enough? Each targeted page will need to be examined and adjusted.
Getting the content correct is one thing, but are there any technical errors that need addressing? We examine any broken links and look for any issues that could arise from incorrect pages on your website.
Links = fuel for rankings, without them your website will not be ranking for anything other than your branded terms. We find, we plan, we reverse engineer, and we search for suitable websites to place links back to your website. The process is on-going; some links will drop off and be replaced. The effect of our link building efforts will take several months to noticed, so be patient.
Some niches will require you to increase the authority of your website, that means additional supporting content and more pages. It works for Wikipedia; it can work for you too!
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#ProTips from Weka Online:

SEO is a long-term marketing strategy. If you prefer to get quicker, more instant results, Google Ads Marketing might be a better solution for you.

  1. Mention keywords where they matter the most
  2. Write your content as if you are talking to a human, not a robot
  3. Do not over-optimise your website, otherwise you will get a penalty
  4. Make sure your website is indexed by search engines
  5. Update your website frequently with fresh content like blog posts

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